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If you put 40,000 to 50,000 miles on a new car or purchase a used vehicle, you should probably consider new tires. All tires (even those of similar price) vary greatly in terms of traction, expected life and resistance to high temperatures.

Luckily there are easy ways to find out those qualities on almost any tire you consider buying.

Manufacturers and many state laws recommend replacing tires when tread depth wears down to 1/16". (When new, tread depth is 2/5" to ½".) When you reach 1/16" you can see the wear bars (rubber strips which are darker than the tire).

If you cannot see the wear bars, insert a penny into the tread, Lincoln's head first. If the tread does not reach the top of Abe's head, consider replacing the tires.

Remember: stopping can take longer on balding tires and water cannot escape through the tire's grooves when the treads are shallow.

If your daily commute racks up big mileage, pay special attention to the tread-wear rating of your tires (300 or better).

If you often drive at highway speeds or do towing or heavy hauling, temperature resistance is very important. If you fit that description, an A-rated tire is recommended. The temperature rating acts as a safety indicator since overheated tires can cause accidents or blowouts.

We also have a complete supply of trailer wheels and tires
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